Photo by Jennifer Gattalaro

William Schiele Bio

William Schiele writes novels to entertain.  His stories engage readers through characters facing difficult situations which force them to find within themselves the strength to persevere.  He believes that we all live with a similar need in our normal lives.  His characters face dangerous and difficult choices but they represent the daily struggles faced by everybody. 

Story is a powerful mechanism that allows people to find the courage to face their challenges.  In our media rich world, readers relate to their favorite characters. Those characters allow a writer to connect with a reader's emotions, entering the mind through the suspension of disbelief, in this state the story comes alive. 

Heroes represent ideals for which we strive and the journey of the hero is always fraught with moral, social and psychological challenges which must be overcome in order to succeed.  It is these elements of storytelling that William Schiele incorporates into his writing. 


Relax, step into the world of the story and embark on a hero’s journey.      


William Schiele is happily married and has three grown children. He teaches Human Anatomy & Physiology at an Upstate New York University.  He finds adventure, peace and solitude in the outdoors where he hikes, bikes and paddles.